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The Jentry McDonald Corporation

Raising a Village

Dr. Jentry & Cassandra McDonald, and John S. Wood. Esq., Founders of the Jentry McDonald; Group Homes would like to welcome you to "Jentry's Village".


In 1986 front page news articles showed that foster children were being kept in hotels, motels and government offices due to the lack of foster homes, it was then that one of the co-founders, Cassandra McDonald knew that this was her charge. Along with her husband, Jentry E. McDonald Jr., and long time friend, John S. Wood Esq. Jentry’s Village began. To date, the Jentry McDonald Corporation has serviced thousands of children who have been placed in foster care due to abuse and/or neglect by their caregivers.

The Jentry McDonald Corporation is a non-profit organization licensed by the Department of Human Resources. with several programs that provide care for foster children (long-term) and their families. We provide a nurturing environment that allows children to grow physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually.

Contact Us

The Jentry McDonald Corporation

1304 McCullough Street
Baltimore, MD 21217
Phone: 410-225-9611

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